Privacy Policy


    On 12 March 2014, Australian law in respect of privacy was amended.  The effect of this is that there are new requirements for organisations operating in the Australian context.  Amended privacy law applies to organisations with a turnover in excess of $3 million.  


  2. POLICY 

    Acts Global Churches Limited (AGCL), in accordance with the principle of respect for individuals and current legislation, recognises and, therefore, commits to protect the right of privacy for members, adherents, staff, volunteers, directors and representatives of other agencies with whom AGCL has a business or other relationship. 


    AGCL is committed to protecting and upholding the rights of our members and adherents to privacy in the way we collect, store and use information about them, their needs and the services, programs and events we conduct. 


    AGCL is subject to legislation applying to the organisation and agrees to follow the guidelines of the Australian Privacy Principlesin its management practices.


    AGCL’s management practices in respect of personal information are transparent and open and, accordingly, provides a statement to that effect on its website (


    AGCL ensures that

    • it meets its legal and ethical obligations as an employer in relation to protecting the privacy of staff, members and adherents
    • staff, members and adherents are provided with information about their rights regarding privacy.
    • staff, members and adherents are provided with privacy when they are being interviewed or discussing matters of a personal or sensitive nature.
    • staff, directors and ministry leaders understand what is required in meeting these obligations.


    • Personal information will only be collected if it is required for a purpose related to AGCL’s normal functions or activities. ACAL will inform people of the type of personal information held, for what purposes it is collected, how it is collected, used, disclosed and who will have access to it.
    • Staff and volunteers must disclose that they are collecting personal data, obtain consent and inform the person providing the information of the purpose for which it is being collected.  When data collection is made by telephone, this notification must be given at the commencement of the call.
    • ACAL will seek to obtain personal information directly and only from individuals about whom the information relates except and unless the individual authorises in writing that information to be sourced from a third party.  Consent can be obtained from third parties (parents, legal guardians or those with a court order making them responsible) if the person is under 16 years of age, taking into consideration the person’s capacity for understanding and comprehension. 
    • Information and the consent given in respect to that information needs to be recorded on a password-protected database or file. 
    • AGCLmay for reasons related to protection and safety also seek personal information from a source other than the individual concerned if the individual is reasonably suspected of being or having been engaged in unlawful activity.
    • If information is discovered to be incorrect or out of date, it will be corrected as soon as possible by contacting the person about whom the information relates or another authorised by that person.  



    AGCL will ensure that personal information is protected by reasonable safeguards against loss, unauthorised access, use, modification, disclosure or any other misuse.

    • Personal information in electronic form about members and adherents will be stored on a password-protected database and not stored on unprotected hard drives or portable storage devices and/or methods.
    • Files containing personal information of members and adherents will not be forwarded to private email addresses or mobile phones.

      AGCL will ensure that personal information is kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it has been collected and for which it may lawfully be used. Records will be disposed of securely and in accordance with reasonable requirements for the disposal of personal information.

      Information on computers and photocopiers will be removed prior to disposal.



    AGCL will take reasonable steps to allow an individual to access the personal information it holds about them and to correct inaccurate information as appropriate.  The individual will need to provide identification and be accompanied when personally viewing files.



    Personal information collected and held by AGCL will only be accessed and used by AGCL staff and volunteers who legitimately require to use the information for a purpose related to their role. Staff and volunteers are required to use the information only for the purpose for which it was provided at the time of collection.

    Information may be disclosed in the following instances:

    • with the individual’s written consent, or
    • to reduce or avoid a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety or a serious threat to public health and safety, or
    • when the use or disclosure is required or is specifically authorised by law, or
    • if the individual is reasonably suspected of being engaged in current or past unlawful activity, and the personal information is disclosed as a necessary part of the investigation or reporting the matter.



    This process is outlined in detail in the privacy statement on AGCL website.  For more information contact the National Administration Office.